The Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages

The Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages is an open academic platform engaged in interdisciplinary approaches to medieval studies. Its plan of activities is structured loosely so as to facilitate effective cooperation by specialists in diverse subjects – in particular, philology (mainly Czech, Latin, Old Norse, English, German, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic), musicology, history of art, history, auxiliary historical sciences and archive studies, and archaeology. The Centreʼs activities are principally targeted at fostering cooperation between medievalists at the Faculty of Arts both in individual and institutional terms, at increasing involvement of PhD students in, as well as increasing internalisation of, medievalist research and teaching, and at promoting general interest in medieval studies by means of special seminars and a variety of academic events organized at the Faculty of Arts and open to students as well as the public.

The Centre thus provides all-round backing for the Facultyʼs medievalists, who rank among the very best in the Czech Republic but whose research has so far been impaired by insufficient cooperation and limping organisation, so that they can benefit from being part of an organisationally compact and internationally integrated platform that is supportive to efficient teamwork and flexibility in meeting the demands of the present-day academe, in implementing a wide range of domestic as well as international scholarly and teaching projects, and in putting to the best of use the synergy of sharing strategic information, research data as well as tasks and responsibilities of teaching (with an emphasis on PhD studies).

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