Medieval Conflicts and Contrasts: Winter Term 2016/2017

The Media of Conflict


5.10. Matthew Champion (Birkbeck, University of London): Broken Voice; Broken Soul: Conflicts over Music in Late Medieval Northern Europe

12.10. Pavel Sládek (FF UK): ‘As Soon as Something Is Published in Print, All Manuscripts Disappear’: The Impact of Printing Press on Jewish Book Culture, 1450–1650

19.10. Martin Borýsek (University of York): ‘When Brethren Dwell Together in Disunity’: Conflicts and Contrasts in the Jewish Communities at the End of the Middle Ages as Documented in the Takkanot ha-Kahal Literature

26.10. Daniel Soukup (ÚČL AV ČR/UP Olomouc): Valley of Tears: Medieval Anti-Jewish Narratives and Violence in the Czech Lands

2.11. Lucie Korecká (FF UK): Oddaverja þáttr, Bishop Þorlákr Þórhallsson, and the Conflict Between Secular and Ecclesiastical Power in Iceland and Norway

9.11. Martin Bažil (FF UK): The Old Czech Unguentarius (Mastičkář): Theatre as a Medium of Social Conflict?

16.11. Julia Crispin (Universität Münster): ‘Roy de France à bon droit, et d’Angleterre ainsi comme on le voit’: English Political Imagery During the Hundred Years War

23.11. Pavel Soukup (FLÚ AV ČR): Preaching the Cross Against the Hussites

30.11. Sita Steckel (Universität Münster): ‘Polémique universitaire’? Media, Argumentation and Audience in the Secular-Mendicant Conflict at Paris, c. 1252-57

7.12. Jan Dienstbier (FF UK): The Pope, the Duke, and the Emperor: Traces of Political Conflict in the Murals of the Cemetery Chapel in Riffiano (1415)

14.12. Sara Lipton (SUNY Stony Brook): Do Pictures Matter? The Agency of Anti-Jewish Imagery

21.12. Vojtěch Bažant & Martin Šorm (FF UK/FLÚ AV ČR): Good and Bad Councils: Modern Constructions of Message in the New Council of Smil Flaška


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