Distinguo online, session 2

8.6.2020 @ 16:00 – 18:00
Distinguo online, session 2

Project presentation
Distinguo, a knowledge base for the study of distinctiones
Marjorie Burghart (CNRS)
Session “Conforming (or not) to prescriptions of the artes
“Predicare est arborizare”. The mnemotechnic tradition of preaching thanks to tree structured distinctiones
Naïs Virenque (U. of Tours and CEFRES USR 3138, Prague)
• Tales autem fac distincciones. The role of distinctions (and the lack of it) in the treatise Aurissa of Iacobus de Saraponte
Jan Odstrcilik (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)

Anyone interested, please register with Marjorie Burghart at medieval.distinctiones@gmail.com .

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